What is a high-quality solar panel system battery?

What is a high-quality solar panel system battery?

There are usually two types of solar panel systems, one is single-phase and the other is three-phase. At present, there are three kinds of batteries used in solar panel systems on the market: lead-acid AGM batteries, gel batteries and lithium batteries.


Lead acid AGM cells - solar panel system cells
Due to its low price, it is currently the most widely used battery in solar panel systems. But the service life is relatively short. So, if you want to install a solar panel system for your home, its power is less than 8KW. We believe lead-acid batteries are your good choice. It is also the most cost-effective battery for solar panel systems.

Moreover, lead-acid batteries are a relatively mature type of battery that takes a long time to complete technical production and manufacturing, with stable performance, high reliability, and good applicability. The characteristics of battery electrolyte make lead-acid batteries non flammable. In addition, the battery adopts both atmospheric and low-voltage designs, ensuring good safety. Suitable for UPS, new energy storage, power grid peak shaving and valley filling, and other fields. Lead acid batteries also have recycling value. Mature regeneration technology with high recycling value.

Gel battery - solar panel system battery
Compared with lead-acid batteries, their service life and discharge depth are relatively higher. Generally, when you need to install a single-phase solar panel system or a three-phase solar panel system with a power of more than 8KW, gel batteries are more suitable for you. But it is also slightly more expensive than lead-acid batteries.

The gel battery uses aluminum plastic film as the shell. When organic electrolytes are used internally, the liquid will not explode even if it is very hot. Under the action of external forces, it will smoke at most and not explode.

In addition, because of the advantages of natural materials, gel batteries can be very thin and have arbitrary shapes, because their electrolytes can be solid and colloidal rather than liquid.

Lithium batteries - solar panel system batteries
Lithium batteries are the best in terms of battery performance and application scenarios, with the best cycle life, safety performance, energy density, and low-temperature performance among the three types of batteries. But the price is the highest among the three types of batteries.