Home energy storage battery system

Home energy storage battery system
Product Overview
A lithium battery pack for home energy storage systems, which supplies power to household appliances together with solar panels, solar inverters, and the power grid. It can also serve as an off grid system, such as a microgrid power station.

Product features
The product adopts lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are safe and environmentally friendly

Equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage, overvoltage, short circuit, and over temperature protection functions

● With high-precision voltage, current, and temperature detection, it can automatically charge or disconnect loads

When the system is in a non active state, it has standby sleep mode and maintains a low consumption state

● With balancing function

Modular design, wall mounted installation

● Capable of off grid operation and grid connected operation

Continuous discharge up to 1C

● Support parallel operation of 3-8 products

● Protection level IP65